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At the very beginning of Philip Jodidio’s captivating book, Green Architecture, the reader is told that this work sets out to ask the “billion dollar question: ‘What is green?’ in a different way.”

Indeed, the author aims to look back (at the familiar), look forward (towards technology), look up (at the sun and stars), and look down (at the Earth) while exploring this topic…and succeeds tremendously in doing so.

Readers are taken on a global journey during which the author presents shining examples of “green” architecture in our contemporary world while providing photographs, plans, and an overview of the design team’s background as well as each project’s design details from a “green” sustainability standpoint.

Jodidio offers an exhaustive compilation of quite an array of projects (some real, some virtual/conceptual) which are as fascinating as they are different—from a petting farm to New York’s High Line (public park) to a Lego greenhouse to an art museum to residences and hotels to a chapel…and on and on. The photographs, endless and colorful, are key to capturing the essence of the finished projects.  

From start to finish, Green Architecture celebrates the innovative and daring visions of eco-friendly design while perhaps challenging the reader’s preconceived notions of what “green” architecture can or should be.

Clearly, this is not a dry and clinical tome of LEED certification requirements and energy consumption guidelines. Instead, it embraces the bold and unexpected places architecture can take us on the way to achieving environmentally-responsible design.


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