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Women today spend countless hours caring for families, following through on commitments to friends and loved ones while juggling the demands of work and…life!

Yet, there never seems to be enough time, or perhaps even motivation, to really take a moment and understand our finances.

And, by finances, we don’t mean how much is in the checking account or whether we can afford a vacation. Sound familiar?

Too many of us have relegated this area of our lives to others or have let intimidation or lack of information push us away from taking control of our financial health.

Well, ladies, now is the time to take the reins, hunker down, get smart, and make a plan! And Step #1 is reading Suze Orman’s Women and Money.

This timely book explores why so many women have a “totally dysfunctional” relationship with money and how we have the power to completely change this situation.

Orman unequivocally states that women are “trailblazers” and each of us should, indeed must, be in control of our “financial destiny.”

She outlines the 4 central goals in her “pared-down” Financial Empowerment Plan: Protect yourself; Spend smart; Build your future; and Give to others.

She discusses the societal and familial factors that affect our relationship with money and then proceeds to tackle key topics, including emergency funds, first-time home buying, credit card debt, life insurance, and retirement planning.

Along the way, Orman recounts personal stories which reveal missteps she took early on and the valuable lessons she learned from challenging situations.

Her heartfelt intention is to empower women to be the best they can be while encouraging them to face their fears (including those surrounding their finances), embrace who they are now, and bravely pursue their goals and dreams. 

In Women and Money, Orman implores women to view themselves as an “agent of change” in their own lives and to recognize that, regardless of how upside down things may be, it is not too late to do something.

In a clear-cut, easy to follow way, she walks the reader through the steps of creating a well-rounded financial plan while offering encouragement, an occasional dose of reality and useful tips for staying motivated and on-track.

The book also provides helpful information on Orman’s online courses and tools, which are FREE to readers with the provided activation codes.

Her parting advice: “Keep your eye on the goal, on what you really want to accomplish, no matter what anyone says or does to deter you. Just keeping moving ahead.”

While clearly money isn’t everything, Orman wisely reminds us that “what happens to your money affects the quality of your life and the lives of all those you love.” 


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