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Creating a New Old House

In today’s world where the mantra “out with the old and in with the new” often reigns supreme, the value and beauty of traditional, old-world design can be sadly lost amongst all of the shiny, modern bells and whistles.

Yet, many folks (count us in!) still appreciate the character and craftsmanship often associated with these old houses and wish to preserve many of their details and hallmarks without giving up the conveniences of modern living.

An impossible feat? Clearly not, as the author so deftly proves. Versaci takes the reader on a private tour of an array of beautiful new homes that have been lovingly “crafted” into “new old houses.” Along the way, he also offers an insightful tutorial on the Eight Pillars of Traditional Design which serve as “a guide to designing a new old house with strong traditional bones.”

The reader embarks on a journey across America, stepping inside these private homes and becoming immersed in the various regional styles this country has to offer. The photographs are plentiful and lovely, and are instrumental in capturing the passion, dedication, and painstaking attention to detail of the homeowners, architects, and builders involved in each of these projects.

The author confesses that “two decades ago in architecture school I discovered my own passion for things old….In the world of Modernism, I was a lost soul. Disenchanted, I turned to history for inspiration.”

After joining him on this heartfelt exploration, even the most ardent fan of all things modern will be inspired and touched by this revealing nod to the past.

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