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After our summer hiatus, we are back with our September Book Pick!

More than just a mere tour guide or general overview, Tom Miller’s Seeking New York offers the reader an opportunity to become a veritable insider as he flashes back in time to explore the history behind a wide array of historic Manhattan architectural gems.

A quick glance at the back cover reveals an accurate and enticing description of what lies within its pages, stating that the book “plumbs the seemingly never-ending depths of architectural, personal, and social history of Manhattan one building at a time.”

Miller wastes no time as he jumps right in and begins his exploration in Lower Manhattan and proceeds to cover over 50 locations throughout New York City.

The reader is taken on a unique journey and becomes privy to the sometimes intriguing, sometimes shocking goings-on at the time the buildings were designed, built and inhabited.

Some of the locations and buildings will be familiar (for example, the Flatiron Building, St. Regis Hotel, St. Patrick’s Cathedral), while others may be virtually unknown to even resident New Yorkers.

As the book masterfully reveals, there is clearly more than what meets the eye as casual observers pass these often tranquil or timeworn facades.

A closer look provides the inside scoop on the lives of the key figures surrounding these sometimes lesser-known buildings, uncovering stories of murder, scandal, charity and compassion, tragedy, and triumph.

It serves as a reminder that time, sadly, can erase the human side of history while threatening to leave behind merely brick and mortar. Miller’s Seeking New York bridges this gap by filling in the blanks with rich and captivating details.

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