Why Branding Yourself Could Land You the Job


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By now, we have all heard about the "B-word". BRANDING. While many people think that it only applies to corporate giants like Starbucks and Pepsi, the truth is that everyone can use branding to their advantage. 

Whether you are a person looking for employment, a freelancer/new business owner trying to secure your first client, or an established firm hoping to grow, branding can be the difference between mediocrity and wild success! 

As a person looking for new employment, you can create a brand around yourself and your unique skills, design aesthetic, and personality. Think outside of the box when it comes to making a resume and portfolio; let your creativity shine through.

Just think about the sheer number of applications that fall on the eyes of employers. If there are several applicants with identical skills and years of experience, chances are the most memorable and creative application will win the job.

A professional LinkedIn account is a place to lay out all of your skills and experience, along with links to articles you may have written, a portfolio, etc.  A professional Instagram page can show prospective employers or head hunters your personal aesthetic in a different medium. Allow your authentic style to show consistently across every platform. 

If you are a freelancer, new business owner, or seasoned business owner - similar rules apply to you as well! Create a polished and clever logo for the company. Use social channels to display work completed, works in progress, and the overall approach in your design process. Many companies credit social networks, such as Instagram, with the success of their creative businesses, as they allowed thousands of people to see their work that otherwise wouldn't have. 

It is also wise to put together a website, where potential clients, press, or collaborators can learn more about you and your company. Platforms such as Squarespace make it easy to create unique yet polished websites without knowing a thing about coding. Remember, your website is a direct expression of your brand and is the first impression people will have of your business or firm. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a website that is ugly, boring, and/or confusing. If you are a designer or creative, your website should impress visitors and make them trust you with their project; spend the time to make it look high quality.

Again, make sure that your company's authentic style and design aesthetic is visible across every platform. You want to find your niche through your brand. Figure out who you want to serve, and then do your best to show your skills. Potential clients in your niche should be able to look at your brand and want to be in it, a part of it, or have a piece of it in their lives. When they truly want that, they will become loyal followers and clients. 

Remember, the purpose of creating a unique brand is for people to get a feel for who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what your signature style is. If someone sees something and says "that's very (insert your name/company here)" ...you are succeeding in building a brand. 


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